Hi guys - I am just picking html and css back up after a decade long break. I am having a lot of trouble trying to define a few sections within my main page template. Basically I would like my footer to stay at the bottom and my 'section' to take up at least the remainder of the screen between the header+nav and the footer.

When I set the section to height:100% it expands to the height of the body, thus giving me a scrollbar. I would like not to have a scroll.

If I could get the section to take up the blank space in the middle of the screen it would probably solve my next issue as I could change my footer from absolute positioning. I don't want the footer to be a 'sticky footer', I just want it to be at the very bottom of the page.

I appreciate any other feedback regarding my coding also. My preview site can be viewed at http://www.syrax.net/preview/

FYI - I would like the header and footer to remain full width.