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    CorelDRAW for web?

    Do the latest versions (10 or 11) of CorelDRAW work well for the creation of web graphics?

    I used CorelDRAW throughout uni for print work - brochures, posters, signs, infographics etc. I thought it was easy to use, provided lots of options and allowed me to create brilliant work.

    In terms of creating graphics for the screen (web, multimedia) I found it didn't produce good output, and when importing artwork into Photoshop it came out crusty.

    Anyone use CorelDRAW here? What are your thoughts/opinions/experiences with it for web graphics? Should I give it a chance or dive straight for Illustrator 10 or Freehand MX.


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    I use Corel 11 and in my opinion it doesn't fit to web related needs. For web need, (no advertising here)Macromedia products will be more suitable. For web graphic Fireworks MX will be the best bet because it's created mainly for that purpose.


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