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    Transparency support?? (transparent windowless)

    Greating transparent flash for my html pages is a great effect, but I remember in version 5 certain browsers didnt support this even though they had the V5 pluggin.

    I wondering if anyone knows if any browsers do not support windowless transparency in version 6 ??

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    Transparent Flash movies (where the background is visible through the movie) were available only IE for Win browsers with Flash Player 3 or greater up to a while ago.

    As of Flash Player 6,0,65,0 windowless mode

    This from the Flash Player 6 release notes at MM -

    Windowless Mode now also implemented for Netscape Windows & Mac OS X
    Windowless mode, previously only supported on Windows Internet Explorer, allows you to take advantage of the transparent movie, absolute positioning, and layering capabilities available in the browser. Windowless mode is controlled with the wmode parameter in the object tag. The Flash Player supports three windowless mode options in certain browsers:

    o Window: Use the Window property to play a Flash Player movie in its own rectangular window on a web page. This is the default property for WMode and the works the way the classic Flash Player works. This normally provides the fastest animation performance.
    o Opaque: By using the Opaque property you can use JavaScript to move or resize movies that don't need a transparent background. Opaque mode makes the movie hide everything behind it on the page. Additionally, opaque mode moves elements behind Flash movies (for example, with dynamic HTML) to prevent them from showing through.
    o Transparent: Transparent mode allows the background of the HTML page, or the DHTML layer underneath the Flash movie or layer, to show through all the transparent portions of the movie. This allows you to overlap the movie with other elements of the HTML page. Animation performance might be slower when you use this property.
    * The windowless mode feature can be invoked or affected by a Flash or HTML developer in the following ways:
    - setting the wmode parameter in the object or embed tag
    - setting the HTML Window Mode option in the Publish Settings HTML tab in the Flash Authoring tool
    - setting the z-index or the style settings to layer a DIV on top of the plug-in using Cascading Style Sheets
    * This feature is supported in the following browsers:
    o Windows Internet Explorer
    o Windows Netscape 7.0
    o Windows AOL
    o Windows Mozilla 1.0
    o Mac OS X IE 5.1
    o Mac OS X IE 5.2
    o Mac OS X Netscape 7.0
    o Mac OS X AOL
    o Mac OS X Mozilla 1.0
    o Mac OS X CompuServe
    o This feature is not supported on Mac Classic.
    * Please see the following for more information on this feature:

    How to make a Flash movie with a transparent background

    Flash content displays on top of all DHTML layers
    * Additionally, you can search for "WMODE" in the Flash MX ActionScript
    Help Pages for more information.



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