On Nov. 3, Goto UK will open, and I asked a person from goto about the account between goto US and goto UK. They are totally different. Here are some info about coming event:
Thank you for your interest in GoTo's exciting new UK marketplace!

GoTo UK listings will appear on a different Web site, so yes, the are
seperate. Below I am giving you some more information regarding GoTo UK
that might help answer any further questions you may have at this time.

GoTo United Kingdom launches on November 3, 2000. It is a great
opportunity for you to generate traffic from new users and shoppers. With
18 million Internet users, the UK is now the most net savvy country in
Europe! In fact, nearly 40 percent of households are actively involved in
e-shopping, generating an estimated $3.5 billion in revenue from

Since GoTo UK is a marketplace separate from GoTo U.S., if you are
interested in listing your site on GoTo UK we will have to open a separate
account for you. Our team of UK experts will modify your search terms,
titles and descriptions to accommodate British English spelling
differences, such as "color" vs. "colour," and terminology differences,
such as "pants" vs. "trousers."

The fee for converting U.S. listings to UK listings is #19 for the first
100 terms and #10 for each additional 100 terms. We also ask that you open
your GoTo UK account with a minimum deposit of #25 to apply toward
click-throughs to your site. Because we can only accept payments in the
marketplace currency, please note that all UK accounts will be billed in
British pounds. (This means that we will not be able to transfer funds
from U.S. accounts to UK accounts.)

The minimum starting bid for listings on GoTo UK will be #0.05, and the
minimum bid increment will be #0.01. Initially, all GoTo UK advertisers
will be listed at #0.05, and ranking will be determined on a first come,
first served basis. However, you will be able to raise your bids and make
changes to your search
terms, titles and descriptions using a special GoTo UK version of
DirecTraffic Center that will be available after November 3, 2000.

Starting bid at 5 cents! Anyone suggest go for it?