I use some kind of controller-view-businessObjects framework that I developed by myself to learn from it. But with the goal the create the db-connection one time and pass it along so the smame connection is been used, I developed it rong. I create the db-connection in the controller which passes it through at the view, and the view passes it again through at the business object.

This is the wrong way obviously, because only the business objects use the connection. But how do I solve this?

The only thing I can think of is using objects in the view like the example below and not creating each time a new db-connection:
PHP Code:
/* each business object as a method getDbConnection and
* can create a new db-connection if not givin.
$article =& new Article(3); // creates a db-connection
// do somthing
$newsitem =& new NewsItem(4,$article->getDbConnection);
// do somthing 
I have been struggeling with this for a while, but I still don't get it how to do this right or if a even on the right path.