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    Need advice on existant DB structure

    Hi guys, I just need some advice on my DB structure. The DB is used to store form submissions. The form has around 52 fields and I intend on adding a few more fields for other purposes (let's call it tracking info) in all, it's gonna be around 60 fields in all.

    The 52 form fields are gonna be displayed [via php etc, another story] on similar pages.

    1. Now, my question is, do I cram all of them in one table or put the 52 fields in one table and the tracking info in another table? I cant really decide on that

    For now, I've crammed em in one table since I can just loop through an array to display the results.

    2. Also, I've got most of the dropdowns (except numericals) in my DB as ENUMs...any word on that?

    thanks in advance guys.
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