I recently came to know that I have to submit a project in my college using vb(frontend) and sql(backend).

The project is small .All I have to do is to create a form (say) with 4 fields acccepting user data about his name,city,street,citizenship_id and store that in the sql database (oracle or SQL).
My problem is that i have only little bit familarity with vb.Like I know how to place controls in the forms,use event procedures of the respective controls(in short I know 1st week of Sams teach yourself vb in 21 days).I dont have enough time to study the details if the language.
I have a good basic knowlegde of SQL.

So now, are there any tuts available that I can start learning that shows me how to use database with vb from this stage OR Can I jump to that specific chapter in sams book ?
Please help.