I expect my website to have considerably more Content than originally planned.

As such, I have broken things up into "Sections" and "Sub-Sections".

On my Section landing page, I have "Featured Articles" which contain a Heading, Thumbnail, and Summary.

And on my Sub-Section landing page, I have a listing of all Articles for said Sub-Section, again showing a Heading, Thumbnail, and Summary for each Article.

Here is my problem...

For the Section landing page, I need a slightly smaller Thumbnail and Summary, than for the Sub-Section landing page.

So, that leaves me with a few options...

Option #1: I could have two fields in my Article table, and have a "Short Summary" and a "Long Summary".

Option #2: I could write one Summary, and use PHP to truncate it accordingly.

Option #3: I could just use the Article Body as a base, and use PHP to create a customized Summary accordingly.

Which option do you think is best, and why?

While more work, personally, I think Option #1 is best. The reason for this is because it allows me to "wordsmith" each Summary to fit best into the space given. (For example, eliminating widows, strange spacing, etc.)