I just added a "Section Landing Page" to my website, which lists all of the related "Sub-Sections" for the chosen "Section".

Each Sub-Section is displayed as a box with two parts.

On the left hand side is a "Featured Article" which displays a Heading, Thumbnail, and Summary.

On the right hand side is a list of 5 "Featured Article Links".

All of these ultimately lead the user to the actual Article itself.

So on to my question...

If every time someone visits this page, I change the order of the "Featured Article" and "Featured Article Links", would that be a good or bad thing?!

My motivation for "randomizing" the order is that it hopefully helps people to see different Article Headings, and thus maybe encourages people to read Articles they may not have seen or paid attention to their first visit.

If this idea seems legit, I may make it even more sophisticated, but adding "weighting" to each Article, so that *important* ones show up more often as the "Featured Article".

The only down-side I can see to this, is if a person hit the "Back" button on their browser, it might confuse them if the Article they just saw had moved...

What do you guys think?!