Hi everyone,

I posted this problem in the web design forum... But since it is a javascript issue this forum might be more useful.

With that said...

I recently downloaded a script from dynamic drive for a navigation menu and am having several issues with it.

1) The writer of the script says that it will work for Netscape and most other browsers but mine does not work. I have viewed other sites that use the same menu and it does show up for them. I have tried to compare scripts with other sites but I can't seem to figure out why mine don't work.

2) When you rollover the home icon (located at the left of the menu) it works fine the first time but when you hover over another category in the menu and then go back and hover over the home icon and leave the mouse hovering for say 3-5 seconds and hover over something else the home icon stays on the on position. Why is this.

Here is the link for the menu in action:


Here is the two links for the javascript of the menus: