First some background.. I use a hosting service that has MySQL and phpmyadmin already installed

I have been using phpmyadmin to import data into my databases.

The process I have been using is to create csv files, then use the "Insert data from a textfile into table" selection

Selecting the file and importing.

**IMPORTANT** It has been working perfectly

Up until.. Friday. Now all of a sudden when I go to import a file this way, I get the message

"Access denied for user: 'theroman@localhost' (Using password: YES)"

However, if I manually add data, edit data, create tables, etc.. it all works.

My provider is working on the issue

So I guess my question is.. 1. Does anyone know what could have happened all of a sudden that would cause this (maybe something I can tell my provider to help them figure it out)

*most important question* 2. Does anyone know of another way that I can import the csv file using phpmyadmin? Even if I have to manually cut and paste it into a SQL Command. The files are about 200 lines long so I do not want to enter data by hand, that would take hours and hours.