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    Comments on this article @ devx

    Hello folks, I found this article and what's folks views on it ?

    Personally though I think the author needs a right slapping LoL

    Is Javascript and dHTML really dead ? Somehow I can't see this happening just yet though do developer's really think that Flash/MX is the be all and end all solution to all our client side interactive elements ?

    Or maybe it's just that macromedia have given developers some easy to use tools coupled with their marketing might... much like Microsoft has done with it's .Net -

    Though this doesn't always mean it's the best nor only solution, right ?

    Comments anyone ?

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    I'm sorry but I tend to agree with the author here. Although DHTML can be extremely handy for some nice looking page effects, the majority of it is 'misused' - i.e. to make tacky 12-year-old-script-kiddie type pages which, let's face it, nobody wants to see anymore.

    However looking at your post again, being forced to make a decision I would choose DHTML over Flash any day of the week. Flash is overused even more than client side scripting and the major flaw is that, although when done properly it looks amazing, it can take absolutely ages to load - I'm still on a dialup connection and when I see the deadly 'Flash is required to view this page' I normally just click the back button. Everyone has seen sites like and yes, the first couple of times you see them they look excellent but they're nothing more than hyped-up eye candy. Most of the same effects can be done using DHTML or possibly even Animated GIFs which take no time to load at all, even on my connection. Any anyway, normally when I go to a Website I go there to find information not to be presented with a few useless fancy moving things - what gets me even more annoyed is when there is no 'Non-Flash' or Low Bandwidth version of the site in question.

    But will the 'broadband revolution' put an end to DHTML once and for all? Faster connections mean bigger opportunities for Flash based sites and in 5 years time (possibly less) I can see the Microsoft home page being Flash based.

    I would be interested to hear other users' views on this matter [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

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    Sam Hastings


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