An article I wrote yesterday that would interest anyone looking to bid on search engine terms, or anybody who needs help finding the terms to bid on. If you want to republish this email me, don't simply copy & paste this article.

Making the Most of Paid Placement Search Engines

Paid placement search engines, ones in which you bid on keyword
positions in their search results, are an effective way to get
targeted traffic to your website at low cost. Unlike normal
search engines, the trick to success with these isn't bidding on
the right keywords, but bidding on as many relevant keywords as
possible. Here's a quick list of the major search engines you can
bid on listings at:

To achieve success at these search engines without spending your
entire advertising budget in a few days is to bid low on many
listings. If you take a look at top keywords, companies are
placing bids as high as $5 on up for a single visit to their
site. To most websites paying more than a couple cents per
visitor would mean losing money.

If you're interested in knowing just how much a person is worth
to your site, use this equation:

Average Monthly Earnings / Average Monthly Unique Visitors

Make sure you're using unique visitors and not impressions. Each
person may view several pages of your site, so a unique visit
from a search engine would be worth more than an impression.


The smarter webmasters will bid a few cents on several hundred or several thousand keywords relevant to their sites. So how do you
find hundreds of keywords to bid on? You can't be expected to
think of every single one. There are two great tools you can use
to generate several hundred in only a few hours (or sometimes
only minutes) of work:

Using the JimTools tool, you simply choose a search engine, enter
a few keywords relevant to your site, choose "a lot" for how many
results you want and let the tool do it's work! It will check the
meta tags on each site in the results of the chosen search engine
and return to you a list of keywords they used in their sites.
Using this method, you can easily generate 500 keywords to bid
on in an hour or two.

With's search term suggestion tool you can also find
hundreds of keywords relevant to yours in very little time. By
entering a few keywords about your site, the tool returns the
most searched for terms at with the keywords you entered
in them.

Paste the results from these two tools into a text file and use
them when bidding on search terms. Most of the pay for placement
search engines allow bulk submission through an Excel file, which
you can easily paste into from your text file.


Now that you've got a list of several hundred keywords prepared
for your listings, you need to prepare the rest of the listing.
The easiest way is to use your homepage for all the listings so
that you only have to write one description, but you could also
write a separate one for each major page within your site and
assign each page their own keywords.

To increase the clickthroughs on your listings when they turn up
in search engine results, your title should catch the visitor's
attention. For my own site, I use "WebSiteGoodies - FREE Tools
and Resources!" as this title fits the length requirements for
most of the search engines, shows what you're going to get at
my site, and draws attention to itself. Your description should
tell what the person's going to get if they visit the website.


The secret to paid placement search engines is to bid on hundreds
of relevant keywords. Using the methods above you can have
significant traffic to your site at a very low cost.