I am in the VERY early stages of designing my latest site. I am newer to JQuery and have decided on Bootstrap as my framework.

I want to use masonry, but have not been successful to this point. I have searched Google and tried several iterations and I never seem to get it working. Therefore I have stripped all Masonry from my site and decided to reach out to the community to see if you could help.

Here are the ones I have found... none of which provide explanation of what they are doing to make it work, but when I would add it to my site and try it out, the results remained the same.



Even looked at using Isotope with Bootstrap, but I can't get it to work without the content being brought in as it does with Reddit: http://mpezzi.github.io/bootstrap_isotope/

When I tried it with the native content by stripping out all the JS that brought in Reddit articles, it would not work.

Here is my site (as I stated, I stripped it all out). If someone could just explain the underlying issue with why Bootstrap and Masonry don't like each other, I can probably figure it out from there.