Hi everyone,

I'm working on a dating site right now. What I need is a script, however. I'm not all that familiar with scripts so any help would be appreciated. In fact I've never really worked with scripts in the past.... so I may even be willing to hire someone if necessary.

Basically what I need the script to do is the following:

1. Give members access to a member (profiles) area.

2. Allow only registered members to access the profiles area upon paying a four-month recurring fee.

3. Allow members to update/change their profiles (and upload a picture of themself).

4. Allow members to contact other members via a form on that user's profile page (e-mail address not shown).

These are obviously the basics to what I need.... Are there any scripts out there that can do this? If not, how much would something like this typically cost ? How long would it typically take a programmer to complete this ?

Thank you.