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    Exclamation Wordpress Keeps Directing to Old URL Even Though It's Been Completely Deleted

    Before you read any further, yes I have completely deleted all files in the trash, flushed rewrite rules, and disabled all themes and plugins. Still no luck.

    I'm banging my head against my computer trying to find out how to fix this problem I keep running into with Wordpress URLs.

    Originally I created page called /products that needed to be live while we were completely redoing the page with all new content.

    I decided it would be a good idea to create a new page and called it /products-new and then when finished I would rename /products to /products-old and rename /products-new to /products.

    That's when I ran into problems.

    Whenever I type in /products it directs to /products-old instead of /products (the former page that was /products-new).

    If I delete /products-old and type in /products I get a 404 error.

    If I'm in the backend admin and edit the page /products and then click on "View Page" from the admin it still redirects me to /products-old. Even though it's deleted and of course I get a 404 error. If /products-old is recreated then /products redirects to /products-old.

    No matter what I've tried, it continue to route /products to /products-old even if the page has been completely deleted.

    Here's what I've tried in resolving this issue:

    * emptied the trash completely

    * deleted all revisions

    * flushed rewrite rules

    * searched through the database for /products-old slug to make sure it's not there.

    * turned off all plugins

    * went to the base theme

    Has anyone ever ran into this issue before?

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    When you open a page for editing, have you changed the permalink located right below the title?
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