I'm trying to install Apache/PHP/MySQL onto my WinXP computer for development purposes. I did this last fall, but my computer had some nasty problems about 2 months ago and Windows was reinstalled, taking most of my settings. So, I'm trying to start over.

It seems I have Apache and PHP running OK, but they are having problems with MySQL. I can run queries through an mysql> console prompt, but I can't seem to get PHP to connect with MySQL at all.

One thing that I've thought of is that no documentation says that I should tell PHP4 where MySQL is located... it just says it is built in or whatever. Besides, it should be able to use port 3306 (or whatever the default is) to send requests. But, this is my error when I start phpMyAdmin's main page, and I'm pretty sure I set the small amount of phpMyAdmin settings correct.

Please assist, and if you think any info I have over here is really going to help, please ask.

Dan "da Man"