OK. so I bought a new cordless telephone. I hope this one isn't picked up by the neighbors baby monitor. That is one reason. Its a 2.4 Gigahertz Digital Spread Spectrum Telephone with 65,000 possible channels. Geez I hope the handset and the base can talk to each other.

The main reason I bought the phone though is because it has a voicemail button. This is because I can never remember the voice mail number and can never check my messages. I always have to wait until my Fiance retrieves them for me. Such a pain.

Well this phone came with a 50 page manual (one each in French, Spanish and English) plus a extra manual on how to use advanced calling features. The features include voice mail, caller id, caller id with call waiting, 3-way calling, Caller-id while three way calling, hold, caller id while on hold, direct your parents directly to voice mail, etc. Ok so I was kidding about the last one.

After the 2 manuals it also has two pamphlets, one extolling the virtues of not putting electrical appliances in water. And the other on proper procedures on plugging the phone cord into the appropriate jacks.

Now the hilarious part is that this phone came with more printed documentation than Windows 98 did.