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    Cool Form into secure database

    Hi all!

    I just joined.

    I have a question. I currently have a form on my website.

    I like to know how I can get the form data to flow into a database that would be in a secure section of my website where I could have like other people (like an employee) could to a certain section to look for work that needed to be done, etc but a modified view. I also like there to be a section where I could view the entire form data myself.

    Is that possible? Can someone let me know how I can do that? I would really appreciate it.


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    This may be one of those "I'm new to mountain climbing but I want to take on Mount Everest" deals. It sorta sounds like you're attempting to bite off more than you can chew.

    A couple things people will need to know:

    What platform are you developing for?
    What database model are you storing information in?
    What method of ODBC are you using?
    Do you require SSL / have a VPN setup?

    Custom backends are very advanced; I hope you have a good deal of knowledge in the basics and intermediates of web applications. Give us a lil more info if you can.


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