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    Hi guys, I am currently trying to develop a "web community" as a way of keeping in touch with old frends i dont get to see much anymore, currently this site is little more than a few forums hosted on EZboard (which is very cool btw)

    however i am looking to expand this site now and broaden the userbase. in order to do this i am adding more features to the site (only simple things such as a photo album and a few other novelties), however in order to achieve a bit of true community spirit i want to allow visitors to interact with each other more in real-time. ideally by use of some kind of real-time userlist+chat window on the site.

    i do have a little experience of perl/cgi programming but surely there is a simpler way of achieving this? i had a look at which is almost what i want (gives the number of users currently on the site) but i would like something the community can use to interact with each other.

    any suggestions?

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    vBulletin can be used to achieve this. Everything you need is available in one form or another. Someone has even wrote a EZBoard import hack so you can import your posts. Check out and look around.
    Wayne Luke


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