I am creating a database for a website.

1 table includes the structure of site:
Sitemap_id #parent id
Class #says which class should be loaded
#some more settings....
Another includes privilages
Groups_id #id of some user group
Then I was wondering, I have many classes that can be loaded from the sitemap (eg Chat, News, Gallery etc..)and they all use different type of privilages, should I put privilages for each Class in its own table? or should a put all privilages for all classes in the Privilages table?

Still all classes have some privilages the same eg 'view' but it really doesn't 'mean' the same thing for the classes. They also have a lot of different privilages (eg Gallery has 'addPicture', but not addNews etc...)

Which way should I go? Create a large table full of 'unused' columns or seperate it to many tables that would though only have one line for each group that matches 1 sitemap line?

If this is not good explenation I urge you to reply and tell me so and I'll add further details!!!

Thanks in advance!!!