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    Best way to store multiple instance of software?

    Hi, if I have a web application which serve multiple users (corporate clients), each user company has its own list of individual accounts created, what is the best way to store this kind of accounts?
    1. Create a new database for each new user company
    2. Separate all my tables with prefix like user1_accounts, user1_settings, user2_accounts, user2_settings, etc...
    3. Store all accounts from all companies in one table
    I would love to see comparison in terms of speed, maximum possible storage (no. of accounts in this case), and code maintainability/ upgradability.


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    I would create a new database for each client as this allows for easier application administration in my opinion. Say you need to move a client to another physical server - it would be easier that way.

    While I would keep clients on their own respective database instance, I would keep multiple application instances for the same client in the same database e.g. a client uses your CMS and with it publishes 4 websites; all 4 publications are managed in the same database in this case.

    Of course, all this really depends on your individual needs, your clients' needs and those of the application you will be running. Also, if you are planning an Application Service Provider (ASP) like service, I would take data security into consideration.

    Just my 2c,

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