I have an Ultimate Bulletin Board that I launched in August. It has 600 users and about 8,750 posts so far. I was shocked today to receive an e-mail from my host, that I must either get the message board off the server in one week, or, if I upgrade to VBulletin, I can stay. I was told "The resources being eaten by the board are far too intensive for our servers, or for any shared server for
that matter."

I think that switching servers would be a mess, and there would be too much of a risk loosing visitors/traffic. So, I would like to move ahead with the VBulletin conversion (ouch! $160 I do not want to spend!!!)

I have no experience with VBulletin. I know it uses php. I have no experience with that either. Does it matter? Also, keeping in mind that I want to import all existing posts into VBulletin, am I going to be in too deep considering my only experience is installing cgi scripts and completing available hacks? Should I get assistance with the install and importation, or forge ahead on my own?