I need to make a drop menu to select a date from the table.

This is what I have:

PHP Code:
$soups = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT Day, SoupID FROM DailySoups");
<a href="newdate.php">Add New Date</a>
<form action="newdatesql.php" method="get">

<select name="calendar" size="1">
while ($list mysql_fetch_array($soups)) {
$date $list["Day"];
$sname htmlspecialchars($list["SoupID"]);
"<option value='$date'>$date</option>");
The drop menu works fine, except for the fact that I am seeing the same date in there twice. I tried using the DISTINCT feature, but it doesn't seem to work.

The table is setup to accompany a new row for every unique combination of dates and SoupID. This means that there may be 3 rows that have 2003-04-27 with a SoupID that is different each time. In short, this is a schedule to view the "SoupID"(s) for that selected day.

Anyway, I have probably confused most of you, but I can't get the DISTINCT thing to work... I think. If you would like me to post the structure and data of the table, let me know.

You can view the semi-working version here: http://www.soupladle.com/admin/dailysoups.php