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    Adapt a Theme built for another e-commerce platform?

    We have a completely custom e-commerce platform built using Ruby. The site needs a better theme than what I have created for it - better CSS, a nicer layout, and needs to be responsive. I've used several shopping cart and CMS systems that have tons of themes you can buy that are easily plugged in. I was wondering how difficult it might be to go out and choose a theme from a site like ThemeForest, one that was created for one of the popular shopping cart systems (like Magento or OpenCart), and customize it to work with our site. I know there will likely be quite a bit of work trying to adapt it, but at this point it might be worth the effort since we have 4 sites that need to be converted into our system this year - I don't think creating new themes from scratch is something we can do ourselves. I can adapt the themes in-house, as where we'd probably have to contract a design company to create designs and code them from scratch, which would be quite expensive for all the sites.

    Any advice on adapting a theme made for a different system? Do any lend themselves to being adapted more than others? For instance, would a Magento theme be easier to adapt than say, one for OpenCart?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You're asking for HTML/CSS that you can drop in to an e-commerce platform - that depends on the content entirely.
    It sounds like you've built all of the functionality and HTML/CSS yourself but aren't happy with the design, in that case I would be hiring a designer to do a redesign for you.


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