Hi everyone,
I have a question about SEO and accessibility.

Our programmer added this JavaScript popup to our website. It pops up on the first page that you go to and is as follows:

If you are planning to use the shopping basket during your current session, please consider giving us an email address that we can use to recover your shopping basket items in case something goes wrong (which sometimes happens).

1. This is completely optional but strongly advised.
2. We will not use this email address for any other purpose than shopping basket recovery.
3. Leave the box blank if you do not wish to use this feature.
4. If you want, you can set this email address from the shopping basket page later.
5. Also, consider signing up for a free membership! That way your shopping basket items are always saved!

You shouldn't be seeing this message again anytime soon.

Please enter an email address below or click 'Cancel'
It contains a description of what the issue is with recovering shopping baskets that may otherwise be non-cached on the client's browser. (They walk away from their computer for a week and come back, expecting the shopping basket to still be there. We have a user login and a wishlist system too but they don't seem to understand that this is typically only a sign in and save feature for websites)

On the iPhone and iPad I can't read this JavaScript popup text at all because it is way too big for the screen. I also have questions about whether this is hurting SEO or not, it seems to definitely be a downgrade for accessibility. It will go away if you click Cancel but I can also just see it as a bad experience for a customer's first impression of the website.

Any thoughts and opinions on it?