We have a web-based camera system with the following problem:

The camera web-transmitter box on the LAN ethernet is delivering 4 "live" pictures to a video-server PC. But the connection seems to be unstable resulting in loss of camera video.

Her is the javascript (running on the web-transmitter box) which is updating the html mjpeg picture:

<TD width='176' height='136' >
<A href="">
<!--//hide script

if ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")&&(navigator.platform != "MacPPC")&&(navigator.platform != "Mac68k"))
document.write("<OBJECT ID='SNS100' WIDTH='176' ");
document.write(" HEIGHT='136' CLASSID=CLSID:012F24D4-35B0-11D0-BF2D-0000E8D0D146 ");
document.write(" CODEBASE='' >");
document.write("<PARAM NAME=URL VALUE='' >");
document.write(" <BR><B>SNS100 ActiveX Camera Control</B><BR>");
document.write("In order to install the SNS100 ActiveX Camera Control, which enables you to view live video");
document.write(" in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you must temporarily lower your browser security settings to medium and allow for installation.<BR>");
document.write("<IMG name='camerapush' SRC='' ");
document.write(" HEIGHT='136' WIDTH='176' ");
document.write(" align='center' border='0' alt='' >");
//end hide --></SCRIPT> </A>
<TD width='176' height='136' >

Can you help me with this problem ?

Martin Appel