I'm new here and in awe of you guys and gals! Fortunately, I already have a wonderful web site that was made for me by a very nice young man just out of college. Unfortunately, he has moved out of the area and I have been unable to contact him. I'm an artist and I need advice on how to add a simple, basic "Image Gallery"? to one of the pages of my site. I need one image at a time per page with a < (previous) arrow to the left of the centered painting and a > (next) arrow to the right. Under the painting I would like four lines of text describing the work (title, material, size, and price. Which forum do I go to for this information? Thank you very kindly for your help as I am not knowledgeable in web site design. I know how to access my HTML web pages and change text, paste a few lines of code or add a link, but that's it. I have not added my web site address because I'm not sure if it's appropriate to do so. If requested, I will be happy to do so if it helps to solve my problem. Thank you all for any kind advice you give me.