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    use smaller image for iphones/ipads

    I have an image that is 300kb and downloads on desktops ok, but I don't want someone with a 1mb connection on an iPhone/iPad to have to download that same size image. Is there a way to load a smaller image or does anyone have a best case for this scenario?

    Thank you

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    This is a tricky area, not only because of bandwidth. Retina displays have also made the issue even trickier by providing a much higher resolution screen (meaning that lower res images look even worse on these devices).

    There are all sorts of proposed solutions, including programming solutions to serve up different images to different devices—which seems hopeless to me. My favorite solution to this issue is this one:

    It focuses on retina displays, but kills two birds with one stone, using one image that is bandwidth light but also high res.
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    There's also the option of not loading those images by default, but first asking users what they want. This isn't always an option, but if it can be, then you're kinda off the hook when they still choose the Big Shiny.

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