One other article I felt would be of interest to those browsing this forum for promotion tips. Once again, if you're interested in reproducing it please contact me directly - don't just copy it - for a version with author bylines.

12 Quick Promotion Tips

1. Submit your site to the major search engines monthly, whether
you've made a major change or not. This way the search engines
will add you to their queue to visit. If they're backed up a few
weeks, any changes you make before that will be included when the
spiders arrive at your site.

2. Try to include links to many of your pages from the main page
of your site. Spiders will only move through your site so far,
so the more pages linked to from the first mean more search
engine listings.

3. Offer an eZine or newsletter for your site's visitors. You can
use it to promote your own website and your affiliate programs.

4. Offer bookmarking instructions on your main page, especially
if your audience isn't very experienced on the internet. Visitors
to your site may want to return to it often but might not know
how to bookmark a site.

5. Make your site "sticky" by adding a service that requires the
people visiting your site to return later to use it. You could
offer free email, daily news on the topic of your site, or a

6. Add a "refer a friend" service to your site. Let those who
enjoy your site tell their friends, family, and colleagues about
it. Word of mouth promotion is one of the most powerful.

7. Bid on listings at pay-per-click search engines. Depending on
which ones you choose, you could recieve 1000 or 10000 visitors
for just $10. Cheap, targetted traffic.

8. Run a contest on your website. Have visitors purchase a
product, subscribe to a newsletter, refer friends, or anything
else you can think of in return for an entry into the contest.

9. Give away something for free! Write an eBook or distribute
someone else's for free when a visitor buys a product,
subscribes to a newsletter, refers friends, etc.

10. Trade links with websites that would interest your visitors.
Place a link back to each site and write a polite email to the
webmaster of each site asking that they return the link.

11. Place your URL and a short description of your site in your
email signature. Every email you send should be a short promotion
for your website!

12. Actively participate in discussion boards and email lists.
Contribute consistently and build a reputation among the members
of that forum or discussion list and people will come to respect
you. Each post you make will have your signature, containing your
website URL. Give quality feedback and people will visit