This is an article I recently wrote that I thought would be of interest to the SitePointForums readers. It lists 21 tips for designing a successful website, promoting it, and earning revenue from it. If you are interested in publishing it in your ezine or website contact me personally for a version with author bylines.

21 Quick Tips For Web Success

1. Keep your site's navigation simple and consistent from page to
page. No page should be more than 3 clicks away from any other.

2. Keep your site content current. People will return more
often to sites updated regularly and search engines will be less
likely to remove your listings.

3. Make sure easy bookmark instructions are located on your site.
If a person bookmarks your site, they'll most likely return.

4. Becoming a persons' homepage is difficult but very rewarding.
Some of the most trafficed sites on the web are Microsoft's and
Netscape's simply because their browsers open to those pages by

5. Allow visitors to search your site right from the homepage.
If you already don't offer it, try for free
site search services.

6. Create a privacy policy for your site. Your visitors will be
more likely to give up information or purchase products if you
have one.

7. Use a link verifier to make sure you don't have any broken or
outdated links on your site.

8. It should be apparent what your site offers as soon as a
person visits, otherwise they may look elsewhere for the

9. Make sure your site has META description and keyword tags. If
it doesn't, make them! A couple of the top search engines use
these to determine your site's description and keywords in the

10. Submit your site to search engines monthly to maintain your
listings, but don't submit too often or they may remove you.

11. Getting listed in Yahoo! is tough. Getting listed in Yahoo!
Canada is easier and will also get you a Yahoo! directory

12. Bid on listings at pay-per-click search engines like
They can be inexpensive and draw a lot of additional traffic to
your site.

13. Promote your site offline, too. Give out business cards with
your URL, include your URL on stationary, etc.

14. Participate in discussion boards and lists actively. If you
continuously submit useful information and responses to other
peoples' questions, you could gain targeted traffic from your

15. Let your existing visitors refer their friends to your site.
Word of mouth is still a powerful promotion tactic.

16. Use contests to boost site traffic, newsletter subscriptions,
or other information gathering.

17. Give away something free and submit your site to freebie

18. Utilize your email signatures! Include your site's name,
description, and URL in every email you send.

19. Reciprocal linking is powerful! Find sites related to yours
and offer the owners to trade links with you.

20. If you have advertisements or affiliate programs throughout
your site, try to integrate them into the design and content. If
you're advertising a product, try writing a short review along
with the affiliate links.

21. Banner advertising is inneffective at driving traffic to
your site unless you have thousands to spend. Advertising in
targeted email newsletters or ezines is much more effective.