Hi all,

For reasons I won't go into I'm currently looking at getting a new website host.
My budget is around 10 a month for Windows Hosting since current projects and future developments are going to involve ASP and ASP.Net, MYSQL etc, I require a set of included MYSQL databases if possible (my current host charges around 25 per annum for each database!) and ideally I'm looking for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited webspace.

I've come across a few deals on various sites which offer a few MYSQL databases within the price which is ideal, as well as unlimited bandwidth and webspace but I have the following predicament....

My main question is how I go about hosting multiple sites so that I have files and folders related to each? In the past I have had to store my folders under one domain and then point another domain to that folder if I want to separate projects, but the folder path isn't masked so that it appears to be under the new domain.

For example, I could have the folder mrbloggs under my main domain www.shoxt3r.com. However, when I have registered the domain www.joebloggs.co.uk with my current package I have no option but to point it to www.shoxt3r.com/joebloggs instead of having www.joebloggs.co.uk/joebloggs. So, when a user types in "www.joebloggs.co.uk" it gets redirected to www.shoxt3r.com/joebloggs. How do I get around this without having to have separate hosting packages for each project? I'm sorry if this isn't explained very well or it is just a "noobish" question but I'm not quite sure how else to put it!

Thanks for the help guys! Ideally I'm looking to upgrade in the next few days as renewal time is looming so sooner the better!