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    i've a general question about something i will try to get working on in the near future.

    i want to be able to have a user enter their email address. the user would then be able to make choices in form elements like check boxes or dropdown menus. then, based on what choices they make, they would receive an appropriate email.

    i.e. if they choose to be updated each time the database is updated, they would be sent an email when a new record is added. depending upon how active the updating is, they may only be notified once a week or whatever is appropriate.

    i would like to do this using CDONTS in ASP with an access database.

    any comments/suggestions/advice regarding general things i need to keep in mind when building something like this would be great. also, article, tutorial, book recommendations would be appreciated.


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    There are load of tutorials & advice out there,

    check out

    Hope this helps,

    Padraic Lavin

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