So, 'm staying home with the kids but need to get myself started in what I really want to do. I'm working to acquire the skills to make it! HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby etc.

I can't get myself to start building my first website. I've taken courses, codecademy and some codeschool courses and also watched some i thought i knew my stuff but haven't been able to practice much to put it to the test. It's hard for me to sit down and start writing! Partly bc of the kids partly bc of ADD! I feel I'm ok with my html and CSS but not so much JavaScript or jquery. Should I learn these first before jumping in? Are there any other languages I should be proficient in? I want to do front end work but would also like to do some back end and some Wordpress. I'm kind of all over. Guidance?? Please.

Any tips to get started? Any tools I should have in my arsenal as in snippets, templates, or the like? I feel like if I use things like that it a crutch! Is that bad or am I just being nuts?

It gets a little frustrating! I need to build a portfolio but I don't know what to build. Not sure where to start. I would appreciate any guidance/tips please!

Thank you so much!