I'm Ankit, a new member @ the forum and with this post, I look forward to get some feedback from fellow webmasters about my startup.

Website link: www.adpushup.com

The product is aimed at webmasters and publishers who run advertisements on their websites. The MVP contains many features such as:
  • A/B test different ad sizes and placements to see which design gets you higher CTR on your ads (and revenues!)
  • Compare different Ad networks (CPC, CPM) and see which one is paying you more.
  • Create Ad variations (only for adsense at the moment) - ever noticed adsense lets you change the colors in the text ads? or ever thought of comparing text ads with image-only ads to see which pays better? Do you know you can increase CTR of ads by up to 75% just by changing the colors of these text ads, we let you do that and measure it.
  • Heatmaps, Clickmaps and Scrollmaps.

In short, we help you make more money from your current website.

I would be really glad to see some feedback on this:
  • If you liked the features and think it could be a good tool for publishers.
  • Feature or any suggestions
  • Questions