This might sound like a stupid question but it's been years since I had a non-smartphone. My questions are:

1. How do non-smartphones render modern websites? I remember by old Sony Ericsson used to render a dumbed down version. Do they still do this?
2. Is it worth considering non-smartphones in mobile design?

My standard approach to responsive web design involves a core stylesheet and then a media query to load either a mobile stylesheet or a desktop one (yes, one extra HTTP request but I'm fine with that). To appease earlier IE I use:


	test:'only all'),
	nope: 'desktop.css'

So IEs 7 and 8 get desktop.css (I rely on a shiv so old IE with no JavaScript is not catered for). It occurred to me though older phones and more basic ones may not support media queries and so will get the desktop version. So an additional question:

3. Do any relatively new mobiles not support media queries (other than IEMobile 7).