I am having an issue with client delays, which recently is more of an issue.

I've currently got 5 different web projects all on pause with very little or no client commitment.

Some of those projects have been paused from 3 months., and I have one which is almost coming to it's 15 month mark.

Most of those projects I am owed money, and even if I mention the sound of money things become even more difficult. Apart from their own commitment, the payment, or lack of it happens to be a problem.

Truthfully speaking I've almost had enough with this.

I understanding that this is mostly my fault, as I did not quality those clients. Most of the problematic clients where family and friends. Obviously this complicates things further... I have no idea what to do to solve the problem.

I am thinking of just putting their website and services offline and ending the fairy tail from there. There is no point me continuing to host half finished websites and services which I have not been paid for or have any commitment from the client to be paid for.