I hope everyone had a good Easter !!

I am new to the forum and have little experience to using MYSQL, PHP and Apache.

I am running Red Hat Linux 8.0
PHP 4.4.2 ?
MYSQL v11.18 Distrib. 3.23.52.

So far I have managed to get PHP to work and am using the example in the PHPand MYSQL dummies book (the Pet Catalog) to understand how everything works, so I can create my own database. Also I used the example program to write the SQL to the server and also I managed to write SQL to MSQL sever directly.

The error that I keep getting is "Cannot connect to the database.

When I do a status on the MYSQL server it comes up with the following message :-

mysql Ver 11.18 Distrib 3.23.52 for pc-linux -gnu (i686)
connection id 1
current database NONE
current user root@localhost
current pager stdout
using outfile ' '
Server version 3.23.52
Protocol version 10
connection Localhost via UNIX socket
client characterset latin1
server characterset latin1
Unix socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

Threads 1 Questions 2 Slow Queries 0 Opens 6 Flush Tables 1 Open Tables 0 Queries per second avg 0.009

Any help to my problem would be much appreciated !!