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    Is there something happened wrong?

    I want to know some things couple of months ago I had started work on my site’s keywords and at that time these keywords were out of ranking but after two or three weeks some from those keywords were came on first page and these keywords were still on first page till April. But when I checked status for those keywords again in starting of May first week suddenly they has been out of ranking. So kindly give me some guidelines for that how can I get ranking back of my keywords with off page activities and other SEO techniques as well.

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    You need to think in terms of what Google's reason for being is.

    Its was originally started as an information engine. Or to put another way it looks to bring back the most relevant result for your search term.

    It does this by

    a) finding pages with the search term your looking for
    b) gives more weight if other sites link to you
    c) Gives weight to new listings
    d) Gives weight to old listing
    e) penalises anyone who is looking to cheat (i.e. buying links, duping content and keyword stuffing)

    So in your case you got a boast because it was a new page, but within a very short period of time it was given less weight and you now have its natural position.

    This is also known as the Google dance. (Although this has changed in nature)

    To rectify you need to think in terms of how good the page contents is?

    Is there enough content for Google to rank?
    Do other pages on the site fit the pages theme?
    Is anyone linking to you that has a negative influence (porn etc..)?
    Does your site add enough fresh content?
    Does your site change too much of its content too often?

    The other part you need to consider is...

    'Has my site stood still and everyone else improved?'

    It may be that your content is the same, but everyone else has moved upwards...

    My method would always be to make a change, measure the result and then apply the new rules you have found, etc..

    If your looking for a magic bullet, SEO is not for you.


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