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    JavaScript Books

    Hello all!

    I'm thinking about digging in to JavaScript and need some advice.

    Is this a smart thing to do? I've already got a good handle on ActionScript hence I think diving into JavaScript would be pretty easy. What I'd like to know though is, would this be a waste of time? I'm basically looking to add more knowledge and know how to my resume.

    I've also thought JavaScript would be cool simply because of some of the neato stuff you can do with it. I'm currently building a CMS with PHP and MySQL and was thinking that I'd like to add a JavaScript WYSIWYG editor to it. My problem being, that most of the stuff I've found on the web is not what I need. Or more specifically, it is what I need but with the wrong functions.

    This lead me to think that JavaScript would probably be a good thing to get into. Any suggestions?

    What about book as well? I like buying books to get me started as well as the web (which I see there are already a ton of links to web-based resources here).

    So what do you think? Thoughts?

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    If you know PHP and ActionScript, learning JavaScript is trivial, alhtough you may have to brush up on the DOM. I'd recommend O'Reilly's "JavaScript:The Definitive Guide" if you need a book to help you through.
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