Hello everybody,

I have question and answer script below and as of now it just pulls the information from the database. what I like to do is have the ability to submit a question and refresh the div tag questiondev without refreshing the whole page.

Is it possible to reference a object->method in side a form tag? I tried and didnt work.
exform action="<?php $questionLIst->saveQuestion(); ?>" method="post">
and save the data. i have a method setup to save.

the reason behind this question is that later i like to use a ajax to refresh the question div tag to reload the questions and answer so that it becomes visible on the spot.

any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. thanks

PHP Code:
<div id="questiondev" >    
    <div> <center> Communication Center(Questions & Answers) </center></div>
foreach($questionList->displayQuestions() as $row
        {    if(!empty(
            {    echo  
'<div id="questionAsk">' 'By: <b> ' $row['merchantname']. '</b> 
$row['question'] . '</div> '
            {    echo  
'<div id="questionAnswer">' 'Project Id: <b> '.$row['projectid'] . '</b><hr>
$row['question']  . '</div> '
       <div id="questionButton">
        <form action="<?php $questionLIst->saveQuestion(); ?>" method="post">
            <TEXTAREA NAME="saveqa" ROWS="3" COLS="50" MAXLENGTH="256"></TEXTAREA>
            <BUTTON NAME="btn_save">Ask</BUTTON>