HI, i want to integrate paypal in my site,this is my first time to use paypal,but the problem is i don't know how to use the IPN or the PDT...i already created the ff: account in developers.paypal.com :Bussiness and Personal or what they called seller and buyer...now i also created the button in the bussiness account by logging in the https://www.sandbox.paypal.com,and in the step 3 in creating the button there is return url and cancel url...i filled those fields,return url: http://localhost/us-en/sys-aut/pay-pal/success.php..in the cancel url: http://localhost/us-en/sys-aut/pay-pal/cancel.php.

Now what i want to accomplished is that after the user successfully paid the amount ,and by clicking the button "return to jemz-site" he will be redirected to my site and then the details of his transaction will be post in the url so that i can update it in my database.this is what i want but i don't know how to accomplish this.

Thank you