I need some advice on how I can add some depth to a design I am working on for the company I work at. I do not consider myself a designer and often have a hard time managing the typography and subtle details that really make a site great. Everyone here at work seems to like but I still feel like it is somewhat "flat" and devoid of character.

The primary goal that I was going for is readability and compatibility with mobile devices. Both are issues on our current website. The other goal was to make the page feel open and unrestricted. I would really appreciate some feedback in the following areas. Please keep in mind that it is a mockup only, so the images aren't optimized, and there is a lot of placeholder text/images.
  1. Typography, does it fit the theme correctly and how do you feel about the readability?
  2. How do you think I could add some subtle details and character to it?
  3. What are you overall impressions?

Some of the links in the main navigation are functional as well of some of the sub navigation links in products and news. http://mockup.b3cfuel.com/

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.