Hi there everyone,

I don't know what happened, but after a geek finished trying to clean up/fix my computer, I started to get an avalanche of spam.

I normally get a lot of spam, but this is just nuts. I can't work. I now spend so much time on spam I can't even find the good e-mail.

The spam has quadrupled minimum.

I stopped using Spam Assassin through CPanel over 1-1 1/2 years ago when there were issues with it & it was taking me hours to deal with every day.

At the time I tried to look for software, but got busy & then just opted for Thunderbird's junk feature which works pretty well actually, but now this is just NUTS.

I don't know why the flood gates have opened all of a sudden.

I thought that maybe Spam Arrest would work, as I've been on the receiving line of it before & I like how it works, but after contacting them to see if it would work for me, I had issues with their support.

They didn't answer all my questions.
They don't have a real phone number, they use throw aways or something similar, as when I call them back, it always says the number isn't in use. Even one of the numbers they gave me didn't work.
They actually (get a load of this), delete the tickets & I don't mean delete them years later, but within a day, so there's no way for them to review a ticket.

Then I read some bad reviews about them spamming their own service, & charging for support & charging really high prices, so I said forget it, I'll try to find something else.

Any suggestions?