I installed Apache 2.2 about three years ago, and it runs fine, but until recently I haven't had any reason to create a .htpasswd file. But a client asked me to password protect a directory on his Web site, so I created the .htaccess file, and then read the documentation on creating the .htpasswd file. I had never explored this before, and didn't even know of the existence of the htpasswd command line utility.

When I go to the /bin directory and click on the htpasswd command line utility, it will flash on the screen for a split second, and disappear. It will not open.

Is there something missing from my installation, or is there something I need to do to enable this utility? The same thing happens with the other utilities that appear in the /bin directory.

I did get the .htpasswd file created (my Tech Support created it for me on the live server) so that problem is taken care of, but I would like to have a fully functioning server for my Web development work.

I'm running Apache on a Windows machine with XP Pro, and PHP 5.3 installed, along with MySQL. These were installed and configured individually (not WAMP).

Thanks in advance.

Bill Otis (Bill O.)