1st some background: We run an online news magazine where the news is reported by the People.

So people can load the articles from their PC, Laptops, any device with a Web connection.
This means our reporters have all different size Web browsers & Screens.
Also they can add fotos to the articles which fotos are floated using CSS.

The problem that we are trying to address is how to get the same consistent line wrapping, keeping in mind that we parse the article to hyperlink any included URLs. An example would best describe the problem we are having, please look here:


as you can see the lines are not wrapping the same for the 1st few paragraphs and thus causing awkward display of the text. Well this awkward gap in the lines consists through out our article pages but is worse regarding lines that are next to CSS floating images.

Do you have suggestion as to what we can do to cause the lines to wrap nicely. No matter where our reporters clicked on the Enter key to cause a new line since again we have no control over the reporter since they are the public at large.