I've been programming in web based languages for over 10 years but am at a point in my career that I want to hire firms to create my projects. Have been using Odesk since 2009 to outsource most jobs like programming, design, content creation etc, but to tell you the truth I am burnt out. I just want a company that doesn't go over the top in terms of trying to sell me everything under the sun. A company i can give an idea to, give a template to, and give a deadline to and have them take care of everything. I don't want marketing, and seo, hosting, or a sales pitch. I basically want a project manager with a team of skilled developers, who is dependable and hopefully from the United States. One that can do fairly complex projects for somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 reliably assuming i spell out all the details for them and provide a template.

Anyone here understand where im coming from? Thanks