I have a table of categories, which has 2 columns, ID and Title.
Using this statement I combine these two columns in one variable:

$cat = $row['ID']. " " .$row['Title'];

Then I send it through query string:

echo("<TR><TD width=\"5%\"><center><font face=\"Arial\" size=2><a href='$PHP_SELF?delcat=$catid&catde=$cat'>".$row['ID']."</a></font></center></TD>");

This is where I use it then:

$delete_authors = "DELETE FROM authors WHERE category=$catde";

My Category column in authors table is also combined of ID and Title(for example: 5 City News), so there shouldn't be any problem.
But this is what I get as a result(lets say $catde=5 City News):

You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'City News' at line 1

This is really bugging me. I think there's something wrong in passing this text through query string(this is how it looks in query string: catde=5%20City%20News). Is this ok?

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance