I want a suggestion from you guys about how to setup a web sever with the following requirements:

Web Application server(s)
DB server(s) with Storage that has redundancy & load balancing fiber
Storage to store the data for years / long term and also that DB server can use this for queries when needed
Backup Solution
The read/write operation should be fast so I expect redundancy & load balancing in the fast storage that is used by the DB
We the solution in 2 phases
Phase 1:
1- 1000 user will add/update single raw in the database every minute / this will work for 2 months per year
2- 300 user will make queries on the DB (50% will be concurrent)
Phase 2:
1- 20000 user will add single raw in the database
2- 2000 user will make queries on the DB(50% will be concurrent)