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    Question web server setup

    I want a suggestion from you guys about how to setup a web sever with the following requirements:

    Web Application server(s)
    DB server(s) with Storage that has redundancy & load balancing fiber
    Storage to store the data for years / long term and also that DB server can use this for queries when needed
    Backup Solution
    The read/write operation should be fast so I expect redundancy & load balancing in the fast storage that is used by the DB
    We the solution in 2 phases
    Phase 1:
    1- 1000 user will add/update single raw in the database every minute / this will work for 2 months per year
    2- 300 user will make queries on the DB (50% will be concurrent)
    Phase 2:
    1- 20000 user will add single raw in the database
    2- 2000 user will make queries on the DB(50% will be concurrent)


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    Hi Abdul,

    Your asking for others to answer a lot. Your requirements are fairly indepth. I suggest that you break up questions (posts) info singular ideas. Also ensure you describe what you're thinking of the best setup for your needs and ask for feedback. This currently looks like you are asking others to provide a full solution; if that is not your intent then at a minimum you should provide more details on what are your thoughts on each part of the specifications.

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